Awful Plastic Surgery: Threatening People with Ignorance


Awful plastic surgery victims are getting higher along with the widespread of cosmetic surgeries.  Today as people getting better acquainted with global life style, some also get brainwashed by irresponsible media propaganda. Fashion, lifestyle, and other “pretty” stuffs on both mass and electronic media indirectly give strong impact on how society sees fashion as life consumption. Unfortunately, some of people are being so ignorance so they eventually absorb all the things from media without any filtration.

Awful Plastic Surgery: Media Played Role in Opinion Shaping

Fashion closely engaged with beauty. Through models and celebrities they deliver the concept of beauty to large group of society especially on teenage group. Believe it or not teenagers are the most prevalent object of media propaganda. They tend to copy and imitate what media considered as something cool such as having skinny body is cool and get your skin tan in summer is a must. At certain point ideal beauty shaped by media has influenced large groups of women and girls. Start from adoring their favorite celebs, copy their lifestyle and even worse trying so hard to imitate their physical appearance after all not few women deal with plastic surgeries because of that.

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Unfortunately, there are plentiful of plastic surgery procedures which are far from medical ethic code. Instead of going through proper consultation from doctors, some of them preferred to go with their own desires. Who doesn’t the Donatella Versace, this famous fashion designer has gone through drastically changes of plastic surgery.  Her face is now awfully looks like a caricature with trout-pouts lips indicating the fillers like collagen. She always becomes an icon of an oversized lips and wider flatter crooked nose. There are millions awful plastic surgery photosshowing the failed plastic surgeries results.

Awful Plastic Surgery: Blabbering on Plastic Surgery Disasters

Other plastic surgery photos indicate plastic surgery can be seen from actress Jocelyn Wildenstein, she has suspected spent almost of her money to cover her plastic surgeries bills. Poor her, spent a lot of bucks had not turn her into pretty face; in contrary she appeared with a big face effect of collagen filler and firmly tight eyebrows probably she had tons of eyelids jobs. Another shocking result of plastic surgery is coming from outside celebrities. This is the case of women from South Korea. Hang Mioku she is 48 years old women and pretty much addict with filler injection and foolishly leave her with unrecognizable disfigured face. Most shocking fact coming from her statement is she even grotesquely enlarged her face by injecting cooking oil into her chicks and lips. Her weirdo attitude considered as personality disorder by psychology.

Awful plastic surgeryawful plastic surgery website let us see there are lot of people voluntary  go under the knife and risking themselves in such an awful looks or even worse, death.  Plastic surgery for something necessary like life threatening is absolutely okay but if it is beyond that, I don’t literally agree. Once you gone too far you would never go back to what you are.

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