Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Review


As a young actress Britney has become one of the most known actress that not only famous for her song and also her surgery which is Britney spears plastic surgery that she done. Because of the surgery Britney face is quite young which it always be maintenance by her private surgery doctor. The reason of her plastic surgery is quite clear because as a star she needs to have the perfect appearance. That’s why she took a lot of plastic surgery process to make her appearance better. However now, after having a child and having through a lot of things, Britney remains as a star, which means it is possible that she will take another cosmetic surgery to make her appearance still better.




Britney Spears plastic surgery results and experience

One of Britney plastic surgery operation is Britney taken in the past is none other than Britney spears nose job which is an absolute success. According to surgeon who chosen by Britney, nose job is a useful cosmetic surgery to enhance the beauty of the nose. Due to this advice, Britney then interested to make over the appearance and proportion of her nose. She felt that nose job can increase self-confidence. Britney’s new nose is a printout of the original nose. But the size is made smaller. In overall the results of her nose job are amazing. However, Spears need multiple surgeries to get the shape she gets now.



If you see some Britney spears before and after pictures, you can see some differences. After her pregnancy she has a fat body and old face. Due to this reason Britney said he did not like her appearance, she looked very tired, like a middle-aged woman. Britney hopes that she will have a youthful appearance, so that she will return to her past glory. Although there is a lot of awkwardness and visible scratches on her face age, Britney still be fairly beautiful and more mature with the current appearance. Especially considering that she already has several surgeries to change her facial feature which makes her astounding.



Britney spears also applied a boob job which was categorized as successful surgery. Originally, she already has a good and ideal shape of boobs. However after her pregnancy she has a terrible shape of boobs. Her boobs look so limply and loose. It was because of her old period. To counter this problem Britney then consulting to expert surgeon if she can undergoes a boob job. Then it is very apparent that her surgery on breast namely boob job to make her body well shaped again. It can be concluded that her needs of popularity and attention that becomes a reason behind Britney spears boob job.

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