Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Story and Results


Bruce Jenner plastic surgery is one from many surgery cases that is really popular in this world. Long time ago, he was known as an American athlete in track and field. In addition to its status as an athlete, he is also known to appear at some famous television shows. However, most of people know him as someone who has a problem with his face after having some surgeries. His face is turned to unrecognized ace that make many people feel sorry for it. So, let’s find out about some surgery procedures that are taken by him and turn him to be someone that is really different than before.


Bruce Jenner plastic surgery that turns to fail

For Bruce Jenner case, there are some surgeries that are taken to transform his appearance to become more feminine. Unfortunately, things are not gone based on what he wants. His appearance has changed and he has turned himself really weird. You can see at some pictures of Bruce Jenner before plastic surgery. He has a manly face that is combined with nice body shape that is shaped because of his job as an athlete. However, he takes a decision to improve his appearance by changing some imperfect body parts.


If you see closely to some old and new Bruce Jenner pictures, there are some fishy things that are seen through his parts. The first thing that is weird is his Adam’s apple. We can say that it becomes The worst plastic surgery Bruce Jenner procedure that is taken. He himself said that he doesn’t like his Adam’s apple since it is looked a bit lumpy. Driven by this reason, he starts to take surgery procedure to transform his manly part. In addition to Adam’s apple, the other part that is possibly changed is nose. For his nose, he decides to make it very thin so, it will create a sexy nose just like woman’s nose.



The other part on his face that is also undergone surgery knife is his lips. Bruce is said to take lip augmentation to improve his lips. The other surprise comes from his breast, Bruce also takes a breast job in his chest area. However, his decision for having a breast seems wrong since; his breast turns to be saggy and drop. Maybe, it is caused because of his age that is not young anymore. Because of some surgeries that have been taken by him, we can say that he has done a big mistake in his life by taking some unnecessary surgeries to improve his body parts. Some Bruce Jenner plastic surgery before and after pictures show the total different between his old and nowadays appearance.

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