Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Phenomenon


Cat lady plastic surgery is known as a plastic surgery case that turns into disastrous result. It is Jocelyn Wildenstein whom is known as cat woman that is famous because of this case. She was known as the wife of Alec Wildenstein before her divorce with him.  She becomes the center of attention because of her surgery that goes fail. She turns her face into unrecognizable and odd face. How the surgery can turn into failure? Let’s find out about it.


Cat Lady Plastic Surgery that Turns Wrong

There are many possible reasons that make Jocelyn becomes interested in improving her appearance. It is said that because she wants to make her ex-husband pride with her appearance. Therefore, she makes a decision to take some cosmetic surgeries to boost her look. However, she has a strange idea to turn her face like a cat because of her love of cat. That’s why; she decides to change her face to be looked like a cat. Of course, her odd request has brought her to transform her face become something that is really frightening. She spends much money to be a cat woman that she wants. However, thing doesn’t go based on what she want because she has ruined her face by her decision to be a cat lady. Besides, she becomes famous because of this plastic surgery cat lady case.



For cat lady plastic surgery, there are some surgeries that are taken by Jocelyn. For changing her face like a cat, she takes some procedures such as, lip augmentation, cheek surgery, Botox injection, and face lift. These surgeries are taken to transform her face to be structured like a cat face. The result is really surprising since; her face has turned to a frightening face. In addition for some surgeries above, she also takes breast augmentation to beautify her breast area.


Her actual face is looked really different and we can’t recognize her face. Her lip is really wider than before. Besides, her cheek is bigger than woman’s actual cheek. Facelift and Botox injection are taken to remove some aging signs since she is in her 70s now. Her face is turned like a cat now. It might satisfy her but, not for everybody. Anyone would really scared starring at her face because of her weird face. Based on some cat lady plastic surgery images in internet, you can see that her surgery has turned into disaster.

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