Good African American Hairstyles for Girl and Men


There are many different African American girl hairstyles that are specifically made for any women from African and American lineage. The reason why there are many hairstyles for African American girl is because they have unique and distinct hairstyles if compared with the other races hair. One of the most notable feature and distinct things from the African American women and girl is their hair texture tend to feel thick and curly or wavy. Due to this reason, not every hairstyle can be applied into their hair. Therefore, there are many specified hairstyles that are made for them.

The Beauty of African American girl Hairstyles

What makes African American hairstyles even more unique and different from the common hairstyle is that there are also specified hairstyles for their men. Yes, there are unique African American men hairstyles that we can found this day and usually some of these hairstyles are also used by famous African American celebrities and actor. Some of the famous actor such as Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy are the examples of famous celebrities from African American lineage that using the distinct African American hairstyles that are made for men.

The African American short hairstyles 2014 that are widely used this day is the cornrow hairstyles which is quite popular this day. Cornrow hairstyles is a short hairstyle that are specifically made to fit with curly feature from African American hairstyle. Due to this reason the very short cut that is applied makes these hairstyles perfect hairstyles for African American men. To make it better, these hairstyles is easy to maintain and does not even need any additional preparation which makes it a great hairstyle for active and busy men. Other than the cornrow hairstyles there are also short Mohawk hairstyle which is also quite popular because of the design that offers rebellious and distinct nature.

Beside men, women also get a good variety of short hairstyles for African American women 2013. There are many different selection and choice for women which make it even more ranged if compared with men. Some of the most popular model for short hairstyles that are dedicated for African American women ranges from sleek bob, funky curls and long loose curls. Just as implies in the ranges of hairstyles, the hairstyles that made for African American women are specifically made to fit with the curly property of their natural hairstyle which support their appearance.

In the previous paragraph, one of the African American girl hairstyles that we describe is the sleek bob. This bob haircut are using the natural curly and wavy hair texture from African American women making it more unique and distinct without having to make it too obvious. These hairstyles of course are much preferable if the user have wavy hairstyle rather than curls. The length of this hairstyle is between short and medium which makes its maintenance very easy and does not take too much of our time. Additionally, the stylish model gives us a perfect appearance for different kinds of occasion.

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On the other hand for women who are having a perfect and natural curly hair texture can always try the funky curls and long loose curls hairstyle. These hairstyle choices are made to fit perfectly with curly hair texture. The funky curl is the combination of curly hair updo and short haircut while the long loose curl is utilizing the traditional long curly hairstyle with some twist as its main feature. In conclusion, these selections of African American short hairstyles 2014 are some of the best choice that you can use to enhance you appearance.