Julie Chen Plastic Surgery News and Truth


Julie Chen plastic surgery is another interesting surgery case that is being a popular topic among many people. It is conducted by a woman named Julie Chen to change some imperfect body parts on her body Through some surgery procedures, she has been successfully transform herself into someone who is far different than her old appearance. Hence, her decision for having a surgery is right. Through this article, you will find out about some surgeries that are taken by her and its results. Besides, we will also talk further about who is Julie Chen and the reason about why she decides to make a huge decision that will change her appearance become wholly different than before.

Knowing The Truth of Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

Who is Julie Chen? Some people might be not familiar with this name since; her name is not really familiar just like other famous Hollywood artists in this world. Julie Chen is known as a woman who works as news anchor. In addition to news anchor, she is also known as a producer of CBS. In addition to her profession as news anchor, some people wonder who is Julie Chen married to. Leslie Moonves is Julie’s husband. Julie Chen husband is known as a man who works as a president of CBS.

Let’s walk further to her surgery procedure. The reason about why she decides to take double eyelid surgery is because of her slanting eye.  Asian is known for having slanting eye. For this reason, her dream for being news anchor was almost failed. However, she decides to change her transform her eyes by becoming bigger with eyelid surgery. Her surgery can be concluded as successful surgery since she is looked different and better than her old appearance.

Her decision was right. She gets a job based on what she really wants for her life, news anchor. Besides, she also admits that she has taken eyelid surgery to transform her slanting eye become a wide and beautiful eye that is loved by many people. She also adds that she never regret about what she has done before and she won’t ever look at her past. Her decision seems right since; she gets a lot of job that can bring her huge money on her pocket. It can be seen through Julie Chen net worth which shows that, she gets $8 million as her net worth.

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