Several Case Where Butt and Breast Implant gone wrong


Having plastic surgery and implant is one of the best way to maintain or even improve our appearance, however, there are several case where the surgery itself failed and the most common case is butt implants gone wrong. Yes, but implants is one of the most popular implantation other than breast implant right now, because many people especially women want to look ideal and perfect they often want to improve their butt with implants so their butt will look perfect and gorgeous. However, of course, not all of them are successfully implanted and may cause the bottom looks miserable and odd.

Several Cases of disastrous plastic surgery that you need to know

One of the most popular case where butt implants gone bad can be found in one of the most popular celebrities right now Nicky Minaj. Nicky Minaj are predicted to have butt implant because as we can see right now her bottom are looking unnatural and too big for normal human. What makes it considered as a failed implantation now is that she looks even ridiculous with her big butt that is not proportional with her body. In one of her concert there are several pictures where her butt is too big and hard which even remains in shape even when she is sitting on the couch which is rather ridiculous and weird.

Another case where butt implant gone wrong can be seen on Kim Kardashian, as one of the most popular and controversial celebrities, Kim Kardashian has a very big bottom or butt which can be considered unnatural for normal person. It is predicted that she has undergoes a butt implantation to enhance her already big bottom to even more big. However, this implantation does not make her looks gorgeous and ideal, on the contrary Kim Kardashian appearance now look even odder because of her extraordinary big butt that can make some people lost their appetite.

Other than but implant there are also several cases where people using breast implant to make their breast look bigger. However, just like butt implant, there are certain case where the implant are failed to make the user looks perfect and gorgeous. Several of people who are using breast implantation and failed the expectation are mainly celebrities or famous people. Several examples of breast implants gone wrong for famous people can be seen on Tori Spelling where her breast now looks severely odd and not proportional due to the implantation that she had undergoes.


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