Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Rumor and News


Changing and improving facial features in order to make appearance much better is a common thing for celebrities just as Susan Sarandon plastic surgery rumor. Susan Sarandon herself is a famous actress and celebrities in Hollywood that have successfully staring in various movies. Some of the movies she is starring such as dead man walking and the client where she won a BAFTA award due to her impressive performance in that movie. Due to this fact we can say that Susan Sarandon is a great actress on her own that deserves praise due to her acting prowess.


Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Prediction

However, it is not a secret anymore that for an actress to survive in the showbiz business they need to maintain their beauty appeal. However, for old and veteran actress in order to maintain their beauty naturally is difficult because old age will come to every one even for famous actress such as Susan Sarandon. Therefore many people are asking regarding Susan Sarandon plastic surgery rumor and if she has undergoes several procedures to improve her beauty and appeal in these recent years. In one of the talk show she admits that she undergoes one of the procedures on plastic surgery to remove some fat under her neck.


However, she did not admit that she has undergoes a plastic surgery to improve her appeal and beauty. On the other hand she says that she afraid in injecting Botox and using facelift facial procedures to improve her beauty. This is also interesting topic to be discuses because this means Susan do not take some popular plastic surgery such as Botox and facelift even though we can see some slight changes in her facial features especially in this present day. One of the most interesting evidence to back-up the prediction her plastic surgery is the picture of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery before and after result.


In the picture that is spread throughout the internet we can see the result regarding Susan plastic surgery result. For examples, we can see that her chin and eyes looks different from her former self. In this part Susan admitted that she undergoes liposuction procedures for her chin and eyes in order to keep her appearance looks young and less old. Additionally, she also admitted to have undergoes a breast implantation to improve her body appeal even further. In conclusion, the question about “has Susan Sarandon had plastic surgery” can be answered with yes remark because she admitted to do it in order to maintain her appeal and popularity on the showbiz business.

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