The News Regarding Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Result


Plastic surgery is not a rare news to be discovered on the media, especially for famous celebrities and one of the news regarding plastic surgery that are quite well known right now is Marlo Thomas plastic surgery. Marlo Thomas is a Hollywood actress that has been well known even in her young age due to her father occupation as a comedian. Therefore if other Hollywood actress usually performs their plastic surgery on their old age Marlo Thomas has been known to perform her first plastic surgery on the age of 23. This is because she already well known in the Hollywood showbiz at a very young age.



Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery, is it good attempt or a failed attempt?

When we are given the question regarding how old is Marlo Thomas. The answer is quite astonishing, because right now Marlo Thomas age is nearly 77 in this year, which means she already in the old phase. However, due to the plastic surgery operation, even in her old age Marlo Thomas still maintain her charisma and past beauty due to the plastic surgery result. However, it does not mean that her plastic surgery is all successful, because there is one plastic surgery that Marlo Thomas has been failed to attempt and the plastic surgery she has failed to attempt is the nose plastic surgery.



Marlo Thomas nose job is considered failed because the result is disproportional if compared with her face. As we know that Marlo Thomas has an oval type face which means a medium shaped nose is a good nose job. However on her nose job she got a narrowed nose job which means her nose is too narrow for her face types that make Marlo Thomas nose looks disproportional. Fortunately the other plastic surgery procedures have been successful enough to maintain Marlo Thomas facial feature despite Marlo Thomas age.


After we know about Marlo Thomas Plastic surgery result, we can say that it is quite sad that Marlo Thomas had an unsuccessful plastic surgery, even though her plastic surgery choice is a good one if it successful. Therefore, it is quite sad because, originally Marlo Thomas herself is a beautiful actress even without plastic surgery. Plastic surgery phenomenon is a common case in Hollywood due to the pressure from the showbiz business that demands flawless appearance. Due to this case there are many picture and case regarding celebrity plastic surgery before and after which resurface among the media to open the sad true in the showbiz where artificial beauty is more important than true beauty.

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