Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Results



Whitney Cummings plastic surgery has become one of the hot news in the internet because her decision to have plastic surgery on her 32 years old age is quite interesting. The Reason of her decision in taking plastic surgery is because she was inspired by her mother in order to improve her physical appearance and appeal. The result of the surgery of Whitney is quite astounding because in these recent days she looks much more charming and beautiful. There are specific and slightly changes in her face and body that represent her plastic surgery results. In this article we will discuss some of the changes and results from Whitney Cummings Surgery


Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Results before and after

Cummings plastic surgery is considered as a great plastic surgery with good results. All of the result of her plastic surgery is quite good especially several part of her face. First of all, Cummings transformation can be seen on her eyelids that now look wider than her previous picture. This wider eyelid give her better charm as her eyes looks marvelous. Her cheekbones also looks higher than her younger self which give clear evidence that she undergoes a surgery to alter her cheekbones. Additionally, Whitney Cummings Lips shape now looks gorgeous, wider and much fuller which give her better appeal.


However, one of the Whitney Cummings plastic surgery results that look odd and unnatural is her skin surgery. Unlike the other plastic surgery she done, her skin surgery is not bad but looks unnatural because it makes her skin look smooth. Unfortunately, the smooth skin texture is looking too smooth and almost unnatural which makes other easily suggest that she has undertaken a plastic surgery to improve her skin. This is not a good thing to have and can make their appearance slightly unusual.




There are many pictures regarding Whitney Cummings surgery result. On her younger selves, we can see that originally Whitney Cummings is not a bad looking person. She is a good looking person that have ideal and distinct looking facial feature. Therefore, Whitney Cummings surgery and decision in changing several of her facial features and skin are quite controversial. Many people question her decision whether it is odd to change an already good face. However, in the end Cummings herself are stand by her decision and look satisfied with her new looks. Thus lead to conclusion that Cummings plastic surgery surgery before and after result is a successful one.

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